Handcrafted Lemonade

Ever wonder why our lemonades taste so fresh?

It's because they are! Our crafting process begins in our commercial kitchen where we prepare the local fruits and produce we've gathered. Everything from peeling mangos to labeling our bottles and jars, we've got a hand in it all. 

With produce from local farmers, we're able to create unique and gourmet flavors. Whether it’s  Da Green Lemonade with locally grown Kale, our Makai Watermelon Basil with Big Island seedless watermelon and Kumu farms basil, or our Lychee Strawberry or Mango lemonades which are all sourced locally, we strive to provide uniquely crafted flavors that feature Hawaii’s finest fruits.  We have chosen not to pasteurize our drinks, so that you can get the most nutrition and live enzymes possible, from every handcrafted drink.

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Artisan Lemonades

Want to see how our lemonades are made? Press play on any of the videos below!