Locally Grown

We believe it’s good to know WHERE your food comes from, and it’s even better to know WHO your food comes from. By sourcing our fruits and produce locally, we establish and develop relationships with our growers in the community.  We love that our lemonades are a great way for us to connect the producers of the land with you! 

We value the land and it's importance in the heritage and history of the Hawaiian culture. As we work to build a sustainable business, our goal is to source 100% of our ingredients within the Hawaiian Islands. As we grow, our farmers grow, and we are able to honor our communities by selling handcrafted lemonades that honor the people of the land. 


Kumu Farms

Wailuku, HI

At the base of the picturesque West Maui mountains in the Maui Tropical Plantation, you'll find Kumu Farms. Their vibrant and delicious Sunrise Strawberry Papaya is just one of the crops they are known for. Partnering with them, we bring you 'Kumu Farms Papaya Strawberry' lemonade. So ono and made with USDA Certified Organic, GMO free papayas. 

Yee's Orchard

Kihei, HI

Nothing says fresh produce more than a local fruit stand on the side of the road. Family operated for over 60 years, Yee's specializes in Golden Glow & Hayden mangos. We're proud to partner with their farm in bottling 'Yee's Mango & Maui Gold Pineapple' lemonade. 

Maui Dragon Fruit Farm

Lahaina, HI

Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm located on the westside of Maui. They encourage responsible and sustainable farming and we couldn't agree more. The exotic looking dragonfruit, also known as Pitaya, is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and we can't think of a more colorful way to get our daily dose of them. Stop by our stand to try one today!

Kula Country Farms

Kula, HI

Kula Country Farms is a fourth generation farming family. Located on the scenic hillsides of Upcountry Maui, there's no place more beautiful for produce to grow! Their steadfast belief in taking care of our 'aina' to benefit future generations is just one of the reasons we've partnered with them in bottling our 'Kula Strawberry Mint' lemonade. 



Hana’s Choice is a farm family owned and operated by the Estrella ohana. Located in the lush landscape on the Eastside of Hana, Maui, their farm hosts over 200 fruit plants and trees. In addition to their many citrus varieties that we use in our fresh lemonades, Hana’s Choice farm produces everything from exotic Rambutan and Lychee to eight varieties of Avocados. We’re proud to partner with them to create some of our most popular lemonades and experiment with their many fruit varieties year round.