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Maui - Brand Reps

Isaac - @dahawaiian_scooterguy

Isaac - @dahawaiian_scooterguy

Shane Perry - @shane.hawaii

Shane Perry - @shane.hawaii


Scottsdale - BRAND REPS

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Brand Rep Content Guidelines

The following are the brand guidelines for reps who are shooting video and photo content for Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades Instagram etc.

  • Shoot In HD Only -

    • GoPro is the most recommended for shooting video, if you send GoPro content we will use it in our weekly adventure videos on YouTube and you will be featured.

    • Drone footage is awesome!

    • If you shoot a story video with an iphone, make sure that your phone is new enough to have HD footage (iphone 6 or newer please).

    • Please avoid adding any of your own background music, we will add that as needed.

    • Avoid shakiness or sideways shots.

  • No Story Video Downloads - If you shoot a story and post it to your personal story feed, do not download it from your story and then upload it to us because it loses it’s video quality.  Video you send us needs to be directly saved from the first shoot, not uploaded and then downloaded.

  • Send 10+ Vids/Pics per week - As a brand rep, to receive your food & lemonade voucher, please upload minimum of 10-15 videos per week.  We want you to be creative in your content and express your own aloha style. :)  This can include

    • Adventure hikes

    • Cliff jumping

    • Beautiful sunset or beach views

    • Cool looking waterfalls or jungles

    • Watersports i.e. surfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding etc.

    • Drone shots

    • Boating

    • Helicopter rides

    • Anything you think is fun and interesting

  • Types Of Content - Please submit 75% video and 25% photo content, this gives us a good balance to work with.

Minimal Graphics or Emojis - Please minimize use of emojis, graphics or filters in your videos.  We will add these elements as needed on the story feed.

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