Wow wow adventure club

At the Wow Wow Adventure Club we live for adventure and YOU can join the Adventure Club by participating in our monthly competitions! We hold competitions that last one month and are based on geotagging on Instagram and give out rad prizes to the ones who show the most adventurous spirit and post all the monthly locations. So come and join in on the adventure today! Sign up below and take a close look at the rules to enter to win this month's prize!

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Wow Wow Adventure Club entry Registration form

Note: You only need to register once! Do not register each month.

Name *
Phone Number *
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Competition starts first day of every month and ends the last day of each month.

  1. Fill out the entry registration form above.
  2. Pick 3 locations from ONE of the islands and post your best photo from each place - ONLY ONE ISLAND NEEDED:
  3. Tag all your photos with #wowwowadventureclub AND @wowwowhawaiianlemonade
  4. Include a Wow Wow Lemonade Jar or acai bowl in entry posts.
  5. Create Instagram story videos of your adventure as you go!
  6. Must post all 3 entries within one month of start of competition.]


  • 1st Place - Hawaiian Airline inner island ticket $175 gift cert value

  • 2nd Place - Olukai Sandals $100 gift cert value

  • All photo entries - 1 Lemonade or Acai bowl voucher per person

* Competition Rules
* There is only one 1st and 2nd prize winner per competition, and the winner is judged by Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades and chosen through voter registries.  Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades retains the right to refuse prizes to any person who does not follow the rules of the competition or is otherwise seen necessary by Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades.
* 1st place winners must have taken a photo at all 3 locations on either island and followed all the tagging rules noted above on this page.
* 3rd place winners receive one free lemonade acai bowl voucher for their participation in the Adventure Club contest.
* All participants receive one free lemonade or acai bowl voucher per competition. To receive a voucher the entry person must register via the Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades website entry form, then must take a photo of at least one of the noted geo locations along with all the other rules noted in the above section of this web page.
* Multiple accounts are not aloud. Only one account per person can enter in this competition.
*The prizes and rules can vary each month.